Thank you for taking the time to know about us. SwapN>GO is a web application designed to help you to move into the cryptocurrency economy very easily. We truly believe that cryptocurrencies are the future, a barrier break when humanity does not require any more precious metals to sustain country's economies or one strong government controlling them all, we believe in the power of the individual and the decentralization in the economic system.

Whit that in mind the application provides a gateway between digital currencies and paper money or tokens. The platform is very simple and easy to use by the end of this page you will know the exchange process and how things work.

What we provide is a simple interface and dashboard, the offers in SwapN>GO are burnable automatically after one hour or so no need to worry about having long sessions for selling your cryptos, or that you are compromised whit your sell or buy because the market went up or down you just placed a burnable offer if some other party is interested in your asset you will make your deal securely.

No need to give sensitive information, we try as much as possible to not ask you for any more than your name and email where we can reach you if users want to get certified on the site you can reach us at

Take a look at our Road Map.


This is our main screen, you can see is very intuitive, we have a tab system going on, every tab has a title you can perform that activity in that section.


In this section you will see reflected your balance with us. We are only supporting Bitcoin (BTC) - Litecoin (LTC) - Dash - Ethereum (ETH) - Ravencoin (RVN) right now. We are always looking for new coins, tokens that bring value to the cryptocurrency ecosystem to be listed in our site please vote!


In the SwapN>GO ID Card you have all the information related to your profile, the activity meter, the loyalty and flag values also the comments and feedback from past trades. We have a scoring system that evaluates our traders (users) is a routine that according to the feedback of others users in the system sets its value, the formula to calculate this score is reserved only to the developers and the board of directors of SwapN>GO is very precise so please always try your best to get the most excellent comments and stats possible in your SwapN>GO ID Card, your profile will look more solid when others traders review your crypto offers on the Exchange Board.


In this section you will be able to view your current Sell offer in the system now remember these are burnable bids so they will only last for 60 mins you can only post one Sell offer. once those 60 mins have passed by and there is new activity on the dashboard you are clear once again to one more sell. cool ha? You can also cancel your sell order at any time.


Where all the offers live in this section is where you can see all available offers for digital assets (supported cryptocurrency only). If you are interested in one of the offers just click in the ID number of the bid you want to review and if the profile and score information of the other party is ok to you, press the Trade button and done, the secure trade process starts. Also you can share the offers you post on twitter quickly using the share button on the board.


At this point, you hit trade for something of interest the information is exchanged and both parties receive a token via email, when both parties are satisfied whit the operation they can go and use that token to report back to the system and we are all set. The system retains the coins/tokens until both parties report OK status.


The tokens will get to your email and you can validate the flow of your operation from there. The tokens have the following appearance:


This section is for setting your PayPal email and your banking information. Remember to always perform your operations with the information set on the system do not make payments or any other action if the information came from another source that is not SwapN>GO internal system.


Create a request for a Withdraw is very simple we use 3 layers of security one is your SwapN>GO password, the other is the key to your account, at last, a token validation and, of course, you will need to input a beneficiary wallet.


All your records in one section, track your trades, deposits and withdrawals status from the activity tab.


We know, decentralized finances are hot and the tokens are truly amazing you should be participating in all those markets SwapN>Go got you cover.


At SwapN>Go we reward the users that are simply amazing, at this moment the rewards system is there to work for admins to give our users that special touch of fun and interaction that you wont find in any other exchange for sure, but the plan is actually to use this small rewards system as counter, and when we release our token we would use this rewards and counters for the token airdrop, in other words if you obtain lots of rewards you will be a whale in our tank. Get them all!


Create a deposit record into your account, click on the icon of the cryptocurrency you want to send funds to and copy the address, send the funds, then submit your deposit.


For people trying to do non-honest business or shady behavior, our immediate reaction is account banning.