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Hold our ERC-20 token NGO in your metamask and get access to all the items we have listed, earn standing points using our exchange and get even more goods for other games too.


Warframe Value Package

Get the best avalible in the game, NOW! with our value pack 1.

  • 35 Platinum
  • 1 Galvanized MOD
  • 1 Arcane
  • 1 Ayatan sculpture
  • 1 Corrupted/Riven Mod
  • 1 Prime Part

0.00100 BTC

Duviri Value Package


  • ******
  • ******
  • ******
  • ******
  • *******

0.00100 BTC

Clan Insignia

We are not associated with Digital Extremes, this is a fan initiative


Enjoy our Dojo, be a good trader, administrators are monitoring the activities on the clan, please avoid being banned or kicked.

Other Clan Rules you may want to consider include:

146Strun Prime StockNGO,Platinum201
56Tatsu Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum251
150Tekko Prime GauntletNGO,Platinum201
154Tenora Prime BarrelNGO,Platinum201
59Revenant Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum251
60Tekko Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum301
158Tenora Prime StockNGO,Platinum201
162Tipedo Prime OrnamentNGO,Platinum201
166Zakti Prime BarrelNGO,Platinum201
63Saryn Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum351
170Aksomati Prime ReceiverNGO,Platinum201
174Astilla Prime ReceiverNGO,Platinum201
67Scourge Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum351
68Titania Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum351
178Astilla Prime StockNGO,Platinum201
182Atlás Prime Chassis BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
71Valkyr Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum351
186Ballistica Prime Lower LimbNGO,Platinum201
190Braton Prime BarrelNGO,Platinum201
74Gara Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNGO,Platinum251
194Axi K8 Relic 2NGO,Platinum52
76Limbo Prime Systems BlueprintNGO,Platinum251
77Nezha Prime Systems BlueprintNGO,Platinum251
78Gara Prime Systems BlueprintNGO,Platinum251
198Grineer Forest Industry SceneNGO,Platinum201
81Nidus Prime Chassis BlueprintNGO,Platinum251
202Lith A2 RelicNGO,Platinum51
83Ivara Prime Chassis BlueprintNGO,Platinum251
206Elytron HarnessNGO,Platinum201
85Nidus Prime Systems BlueprintNGO,Platinum301
86Khora Prime Systems BlueprintNGO,Platinum351
210Elytron WingsNGO,Platinum201
88Octavia Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNGO,Platinum301
89Harrow Prime Chassis BlueprintNGO,Platinum251
92Octavia Prime Systems BlueprintNGO,Platinum251
79Inaros Prime Chassis BlueprintNGO,Platinum251
1Wukong Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNGO,Platinum202
3Excalibur Neuroptics BlueprintNGO,Platinum101
5Chroma Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNGO,Platinum101
121Corvas Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
122Harrow Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
123Nikana Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
124Sybaris Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
125Equinox Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
126Hikou Prime Blueprint NGO,Platinum201
127Redeemer Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
129Euphona Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
130Ivara Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
131Revenant Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
132Tekko Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
133Fang Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum202
134Knell Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum202
135Saryn Prime Blueprint NGO,Platinum251
136Tenora Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum251
137Gara Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum251
138Lex Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum102
147Vasto Prime ReceiverNGO,Platinum201
9Cipher Blueprint NGO,Platinum510
10Vapor Specter X 10 BlueprintNGO,Platinum1010
151Vectis Prime BarrelNGO,Platinum201
155Venka Prime BladesNGO,Platinum201
159Volnus Prime HandleNGO,Platinum201
163Volnus Prime HeadNGO,Platinum201
17Pherliac Pods BlueprintNGO,Platinum1510
167Braton Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
171Braton Prime ReceiverNGO,Platinum201
175Braton Prime StockNGO,Platinum201
179Burston Prime Barrel NGO,Platinum201
183Burston Prime ReceiverNGO,Platinum201
187Burston Prime StockNGO,Platinum201
191Cernos Prime GripNGO,Platinum201
195Granum Void SceneNGO,Platinum201
199Venka Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
27Fomorian Disruptor BlueprintNGO,Platinum1010
203Ayatan Cyan StarNGO,platinum220
207Axi G8 RelicNGO,Platinum103
211Axi K10 RelicNGO,Platinum101
51Nikana Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
53Volnus Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum202
55Redeemer Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum301
148Akbronco Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
152Akjagara Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
156Astilla Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
160Atlas Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
164Banshee Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
168Eidolon Lens BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
172Cernos Prime Upper LimbNGO,Platinum201
176Corinth Prime StockNGO,Platinum201
180Corpus Depository SceneNGO,Platinum201
184Corvas Prime ReceiverNGO,Platinum201
188Corvas Prime StockNGO,Platinum201
192Dethcube Prime CarapaceNGO,Platinum201
196Proof FragmentNGO,Platinum2018
200Ayatan Amber StarNGO,Platinum210
204Axi T10 RelicNGO,Platinum101
208Axi T8 RelicNGO,Platinum102
212Axi V9 RelicNGO,Platinum101
64Tenora Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum301
139Scourge Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum301
141Garuda Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
143Nidus Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
144Spira Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum151
145Valkyr Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum351
149Bronco Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
153Cernos Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
157Corinth Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
161Corvas Prime BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
165Valkyr Prime Neuroptics BlueprintNGO,Platinum201
169Ayatan Orta SculptureNGO,Platinum201
173Ayatan Sah SculptureNGO,Platinum201
177Ayatan Valana SculptureNGO,Platinum201
181Ayatan Anasa SculptureNGO,Platinum201
185Akbolto Prime BarrelNGO,Platinum201
189Akbolto Prime LinkNGO,Platinum201
193Kavasa Prime BandNGO,Platinum201
197Axi K9 RelicNGO,Platinum101
201Axi S5 RelicNGO,Platinum101
205Lith G5 RelicNGO,Platinum522
209Lith H5 RelicNGO,Platinum527
213Lith H6 RelicNGO,Platinum526